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Calgary area dentist describes effective bruxism treatment with oral appliance therapy

Effective Bruxism Treatments from Dr. Hanif Asaria

Patients who have been dealing with bruxism may be well-aware of how damaging it can be. Dr. Hanif Asaria and the team of Calgary Dental Centers also understand how wear and tear can occur on the surfaces of the teeth due to bruxism. Bruxism can also contribute to other issues such as chronic headaches and temporomandibular joint disorder. With treatment, patients can improve their quality of life and extend the longevity of dental restorations and their natural smile.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is the clenching and grinding of the teeth during the day or at night while patients sleep. This can be extremely damaging to the natural tooth enamel. It wears down the surfaces of the teeth, and many dentists such as Dr. Hanif Asaria can diagnose the condition during an evaluation. Bruxism can become severe enough to break restorations such as veneers and crowns, making it impossible to maintain a healthy smile.

Treatment options

For most patients, treatment with oral appliance therapy is effective. With a special mouth guard patients wear over the dental arch; the teeth are protected from damage. By complying with oral appliance treatment, many patients can maintain the health of their smile and avoid the costs and trouble associated with replacing broken restorations or weakened teeth.

Interested in bruxism treatment?

Dr. Hanif Asaria and the staff of Calgary Dental Centers are here to help! We have two locations, our practice on Macleod Trail SE and our 17th Avenue office. Patients who are interested in visiting the team at 127-12100 Macleod Trail SE call (403) 768-1339 to schedule an appointment and discuss the possibilities for treatment of bruxism and other dental concerns. People do not have to be current patients to be seen at our facility as we open our doors to new residents every day!

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