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Advances in dentistry result in better-fitting cosmetic dentures in Calgary

cosmetic dentures in Calgary By Dr. Asaria
Properly-fitting dentures are beautiful! A staple of cosmetic dentistry at Calgary Dental Centers, modern dentures have the proper, comfortable fit that restores an attractive smile. You’ll smile more often, knowing you can eat foods without fear of slippage, and you’ll speak more freely, knowing your denture won’t pop out or alter your speech.

Dentures to suit every patient

There have never been so many different types of dentures to comfortably, securely, and naturally fit your needs and preferences. Dr. Asaria will customise treatment based on the number of teeth to be replaced. For example, conventional partial dentures to replace some or many teeth generally have a plastic-covered metal base that snaps around the existing teeth. Complete dentures are traditionally made from a gum-coloured, acrylic base. Conventional complete dentures depend on natural suction, gravity, and adhesives for stability.

Technological and scientific advances have resulted in cosmetically-pleasing and functional full and partial dentures, as well as a hybrid approach to this traditional treatment that includes dental implants.

The beauty of choice

Whereas conventional dentures get their support from surrounding soft and hard tissues, implant-supported dentures get their stability from a titanium post. Modeled after a natural healthy tooth, the implant is placed in the jaw where it fuses with surrounding bone and becomes your new tooth root. Any tooth replacements placed on top of the implant are stable due to being connected to a post rooted in your jawbone.

Implant-supported partial or full dentures may be removable or fixed. This approach to dentures is not as cost-prohibitive as it may have been in the past, because you don’t need an implant to support every tooth. A few dental implants can support many teeth in a denture.

Experience these and other attractive options, including immediate dentures, by calling (403) 768-1343 to schedule an appointment.

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