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Consistent, proactive dental care in Calgary protects your oral health

Calgary protects your oral health
Offering compassionate dentistry for every stage of life, Calgary Dental Centers are your partners in oral health.

Professional, preventive dental care in Calgary.

Professional exams and cleanings are important, because you can have an underlying problem like early-stage gum disease and not even realise it. Only the dental team will be able to identify conditions that can be halted with early intervention. The effects of gum disease can be reversed before progressing to a leading cause of tooth loss: periodontitis.

Benefit from your dentist’s knowledge.

Recall appointments provide an opportunity to learn about improved techniques for home care. Whereas only professionals have access to the tools to effectively removed hardened plaque, you have the power to prevent plaque from hardening in the first place. It may be found that you are not flossing thoroughly on both sides of the tooth or that you are not brushing your tongue, which can leave food particles and promote bacterial growth and bad breath.

The doctor may suggest home products and dental irrigation devices, but they are not substitutes for diligent and thorough brushing and flossing.

Your teeth are what you eat.

Calgary Dental Centers encourages mouth-healthy habits. Eat your fruit. Don’t drink juices, sports drinks, and sodas that may contain a high amount of sugar. These sugars mix with mouth bacteria to produce destructive acids that eat through tooth enamel. Other sneaky sources of acids include pickles, yogurt, and some cheeses and meats such as Parmesan and corned beef.

The dental team can identify signs of other destructive habits, such as excessive wear caused by nighttime tooth grinding. Customised dental appliances can protect your teeth from further damage.

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