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Bid Goodbye to Cavities with Natural-Looking Dental Fillings

If you spot a cavity in your mouth, don’t treat it as “normal.” If left untreated, the cavity will grow into a larger pit that compromises the integrity of your tooth’s structure. Further down the line, the cavity reaches the pulp, and here you will wish you had treated your cavity earlier. You will experience a terrible toothache, and if you still ignore treatment, you will eventually lose your tooth.

Actual Dental Cavity Filling Cost Near Me Calgary Area

The best way to treat cavities is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Brush twice a day, floss daily, limit sugary foods and see a dentist every six months. However, cavities can still sneak into your mouth despite optimal oral hygiene. Luckily, you can stop cavities from growing by considering dental fillings from Calgary Dental Centers. Our natural-looking composite fillings restore your teeth while keeping your natural esthetics intact.

Composite Dental Fillings Treatment

We insist on bi-annual dental appointments because we can see things you usually can’t spot yourself. For instance, cavities hidden between teeth and other tight spots can’t be identified by naked eyes and only appear in your X-ray images. When we spot cavities, Dr. Hanif Asaria recommends composite fillings right away unless the damage is too extensive to warrant a dental crown. But what should you expect from a typical dental filling treatment?

Cavity filling is a routine procedure well tolerated by most patients. The procedure begins by administering a mild dosage of anesthesia to reduce discomfort during treatment. Once numbing takes place, we drill out the decayed part and apply resin material layer by layer. We use ultraviolet light to harden the composite resin material and model the final layer to resemble your natural teeth. We then make any necessary adjustments until your bite feels normal.

It’s advisable to avoid chewing or eating for about two hours after the dental filling procedure. During this period, your mouth is still numb, and you risk biting your tongue or cheeks while chewing. Other than that, you can resume your everyday activities without any interruptions.


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Benefits of White Fillings

The odds are that you have seen someone laugh, and the back teeth show dark, metallic appliances. The chances are that this person might have their cavities filled with silver-colored (amalgam) fillings made from a mixture of metals. While metal fillings can do the job, they don’t look natural. Plus, they have safety concerns.

Today, if you need a cavity filling, the options have never been better. Dentists and patients alike prefer composite fillings, which are durable, safe, beautiful, and versatile in restoring teeth. Here are the reasons we prefer composite fillings:

  • Esthetically appealing: Composite fillings are designed to mimic your natural teeth. Once installed, no one will notice you ever had tooth decay.
  • Safety: Composite fillings aren’t susceptible to thermal stresses. These fillings have insulating properties to withstand temperature changes, so they don’t expand or contract like their amalgam counterparts.
  • Conservative: We drill out less of your tooth when filling your cavity with composite resin.
  • Durable: Technology has led to the invention of strong composite fillings that can withstand the pressures of chewing and biting, even for the back teeth.

Want to win the battle against cavities in Calgary, Alberta? Please dial (403) 768-1343  to book an appointment with Calgary Dental Centers for natural-looking dental fillings.


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