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Why are options for professional night guards the most effective solution for patients in Calgary, AB?

Dr. Hanif Asaria and the team at Calgary Dental Centers are pleased to provide patients with a selection of services that can help in attaining and maintaining oral health and wellness through general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. In addition, our practice provides oral appliances that can be used to enhance the smile and protect the teeth. While there are over-the-counter options for night guards, none of them compare to professional appliances available in Calgary, AB. We want our patients to have effective solutions that can be used to achieve desired results.

Options for Night Guards in Calgary area

What are night guards?

Night guards are specialized oral appliances that are worn at night for patients who have bruxism. Bruxism causes patients to clench and grind their teeth while they sleep, and even sometimes during the day. This condition can cause a variety of problems, including:

  • Chronic headaches and migraines
  • Muscle and joint pain around the jaw
  • Damage to the natural teeth and dental restorations

Patients who have been diagnosed with bruxism are often encouraged by their dentist to obtain night guards and use them as recommended. These oral appliances are made of a unique plastic and are worn to provide a buffer between the upper and lower dental arches that can help in reducing the tension caused by bruxism while also protecting the teeth and dental restorations from harm. It is important that these night guards are worn every night to be effective. Patients can also wear them during the day if they experience symptoms that are problematic to their oral health on a regular basis.


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Options for night guards

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There are many different types of night guards that are on the market. Patients will find that their local drugstore offers night guards in their oral health aisle. This may be a stock night guard, that is one of the cheapest solutions out there. These come in a few different sizes, but often do not fit or function well because they are too small or too large. Because they are just a standard tray, they are not comfortable and not even effective at providing the protection patients need. Alternatively, patients may choose the “boil and bite” guards. These are plastic guards that are bought in an overall size, and then boiled in water to soften. Then, patients take the guard out of the boiling water and place it in their mouth as they bite down. This creates an impression of the teeth to get a tight fit. However, not only can this be painful, it does not result in an accurate impression and can still cause the night guard to be inadequate for protecting the teeth.

Instead, the team at Calgary Dental Centers encourages patients to consider a professional alternative. Professional night guards are always the best choice for fit and functionality. These custom-made oral appliances provide the ideal fit and best protection for patients with bruxism. The dentist works with the patient to take precise impressions of the upper and lower jaw, and then use these impressions to create a night guard customized for the patient using high-quality materials. Because the mouth guard is made with the help of our dental team, patients know that it will fit properly and provide the best protection. Our dental team will also educate patients on how to care for their oral appliance to ensure it can be used for many years to come! Patients love the ease of use and the comfortable fit that these professional options provide.

Are you ready for a precision night guard?

Forget over-the-counter dental night guards that are offered, as these fail to provide the results of a professional night guard option. Contact Dr. Hanif Asaria and his team at Calgary Dental Centers in Calgary, AB today to book a consultation visit with our team to discuss your options. We have two convenient locations in the area and can be reached at our office at (403) 768-1339. Our front office team can assist you in scheduling an appointment to learn more about night guards and other services available in the practice, including general, cosmetic, and restorative care.

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