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Porcelain veneers beautify many patients’ smiles in Calgary

Porcelain veneers beautify many patients’ smiles

Veneers offer a versatile way to improve many cosmetic concerns. By their nature, porcelain veneers are versatile. They can be designed for every patient’s unique needs, preferences, and budget.

Customised options for porcelain veneers in Calgary

Calgary Dental Centers has two convenient offices that offer three different types of veneers. Your options include:

  • Composite resin — Also known as direct veneers, this plastic-based material is matched to the colour of your teeth. Once applied, they are hardened, shaped, and polished for natural appearance, feel, and function. Considered a convenient, cost-effective, and conservative option, composite veneers can be placed in a single visit and don’t require removal of natural enamel.
  • Porcelain — some patients opt for the translucence, stain-resistance, and durability of porcelain. Completed in two appointments, porcelain veneers involve removing a small amount of tooth enamel, about the thickness of a contact lens. Permanent veneers will be made from an impression of your mouth in a lab. A recall appointment involves bonding these permanent veneers into place.
  • Minimal Reduction — Calgary Dental Centers designs your new smile with porcelain that requires little to no reduction of enamel. You get the best of both worlds: The lifelike properties of ceramic without the removal of otherwise healthy tooth structure.

Veneers should be suited to every aspect of your life. For instance, the dental team removes barriers to porcelain veneers with financing options that stretch payment over many months. Veneers should also be designed as a lifetime investment. Thanks to advances in dental materials and technique, your veneers should last 5 to 20 years or longer with appropriate care. Tooth-grinding that may threaten the integrity of veneers will be addressed before placement with protective night guards.

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