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Extractions with Sedation

You have nothing to fear with dental extraction in Calgary

Tooth Extractions Calgary - Dentist with a Patient Many adults will need a dental extraction at some point in their lives. Some will delay that appointment as long as possible due to dental anxiety, potentially compromising their oral health and overall wellness. Dental extraction at Calgary Dental Centers’ 17th Avenue Dental Center is a stress-free experience with two gentle sedation options.

When tooth extraction is needed

  • Advanced gum disease – Untreated gum disease eventually attacks ligaments and bone that hold teeth in place. They become loose and require extraction.
  • Wisdom teeth – Established teeth may prevent third molars from emerging, or the mouth may already be full.
  • Trauma below the gum line – When a tooth breaks below the gum line, it usually cannot be saved.
  • Preparation for dentures – Unhealthy teeth may need to be removed before designing a partial or full denture.
  • Planning for orthodontics –Your orthodontist may recommend extractions prior to beginning treatment with braces.

Sedation options

We have a certified general dentist on staff at our 17th Avenue Dental Center location, who is trained and experienced in administering sedation for extractions.

Oral conscious sedation is given in a pill form, with one dose the night before your appointment and another shortly before treatment. You are awake and able to communicate during the procedure, but unconcerned. Your physical relaxation allows the dentist to work efficiently, and results in speedier healing.

Oral conscious sedation has a mild amnesic property. That makes appointment time seem to fly by, and you have little recollection of treatment afterward. Because sedation leaves you groggy, you will need a driver.

To learn more about dental extraction with the option of sedation, call Calgary Dental Centers at (403) 768-1343.

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