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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns restore smiles

Porcelain Crowns Calgary - Dental Crown A dental crown is a jacket made of a strong, durable material. It covers all visible surfaces of a compromised tooth, providing strength and safeguarding against further damage. Porcelain dental crowns from Calgary Dental Centers, Calgary, Alberta, blend beautifully with your existing dentition while restoring chewing function.

When a dental crown is appropriate

Dental crowns are quite versatile, with applications that are both functional and cosmetic:

  • Large area of decay – Preparing a tooth for an extensive filling would leave only a shell, so the tooth would likely break. A crown protects and preserves the tooth
  • Breakage – A crown restores a tooth that has a piece broken off or with one or more cracks
  • Root canal therapy Root canal treatment lets you keep a natural tooth, but without a blood supply, it becomes brittle. A crown keeps it strong for chewing
  • Dental bridgeA bridge is anchored in place with crowns placed on teeth adjacent to the gap
  • Cosmetic enhancement – A dental crown can be used to improve the esthetics of a tooth – colour, shape, or size

Why choose porcelain?

Porcelain is a white ceramic fired at high temperatures to reach a glass-like consistency. It is translucent and reflects light, similar to tooth enamel. Each crown is precisely colour-matched to the patient’s smile. This hard and durable material makes it sturdy enough even for the bite force on back molars. Porcelain resists staining from foods and beverages while also being resistant to normal wear and cracking.


Getting a dental crown usually involves a two-visit process. First, the tooth is prepared, impressions are taken, and a temporary crown is placed. The impressions go to a dental laboratory where your final crown is precision crafted. You return in about two weeks to have the temporary removed and the new crown cemented securely.

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Calgary’s Dental Care - Dr. Hanif Asaria

Dr. Hanif Asaria is a dentist who serves the area of Calgary, who is devoted to helping people get the smile of their dreams. He graduated in 1989 with a DDS at the Canadian University of Alberta. He is a member of the Alberta Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. He has over 28 years of experience in the areas of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

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