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Treatment for Bad Breath

Avoid the social issues of bad breath with treatment in Calgary

Bad Breath Calgary - Bad Breath At any given time, up to 45 percent of the population has some level of bad breath, and millions have chronic halitosis. In a Match.com survey, halitosis was rated among the three most unattractive characteristics in a potential date. Fifty-seven percent of those who have bad breath suffer feelings of depression related to the condition. Bad breath needs to be effectively addressed – not just masked. Calgary Dental Centers can help.

Ultrasonic irrigation

The warm, moist environment of the mouth is habitat to hundreds of strains of bacteria. They form a sticky film of plaque that coats teeth, gums, and tongue. As these organisms feast, they excrete foul-smelling, toxic gases.

Deep ultrasonic irrigation gently eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath. The device delivers ultrasonic micro-shockwaves through a focused stream of water. Vibrational energy disrupts the cell structure of bacteria, while the water’s turbulence flushes plaque from mouth surfaces and periodontal pockets.

Tongue cleaning

Your tongue has a rough surface that traps bacteria, bits of food, dead cells, and fungi. It forms a biofilm that is a leading cause of bad breath. We utilize special instruments to gently peel this mucus-based layer from the entire top surface of the tongue. Then, a special mouth rinse moisturizes the soft tissues and kills more bacteria, for oral freshness.

Ongoing care

Other factors can cause or contribute to bad breath. Your dentist will make a thorough assessment to rule out causes such as tonsils or nutritional deficiencies. Dentures can also be a source of halitosis. We sterilize them, and provide instruction on home care to keep your mouth and dentures from developing unpleasant odors.

Patient education plays an important role in keeping bad breath under control. The Calgary Dental Centers hygiene team will show you a “how-to” video with fresh breath tips you can use every day. Call (403) 768-1339 to schedule bad breath treatment.

Calgary’s Dental Care - Dr. Hanif Asaria

Dr. Hanif Asaria is a dentist who serves the area of Calgary, who is devoted to helping people get the smile of their dreams. He graduated in 1989 with a DDS at the Canadian University of Alberta. He is a member of the Alberta Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. He has over 28 years of experience in the areas of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

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