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Plan to keep your implant-supported teeth healthy

One of the most popular questions we dentists get asked about tooth replacement is “How long will they last?” After all, you want to get the most out of your investment! One of the reasons dental implant-supported teeth are so popular is because they are known to hold up like natural, healthy teeth. As such, they should last the patient many years. Like natural teeth, though, implant health isn’t a guarantee. Several variables meet to help determine the long-term success of your new teeth. By partnering with quality professionals, the risk of developing unwanted complications is minimised:

Dr. Asaria, the Calgary Dental Centers team help to keep your implant-supported teeth for life.
  • We partner with specialists who are adept at precisely placing implants in the jawbone.
  • Dr. Asaria and his team are adept at properly placing the restoration on the implant. These crowns, bridges, or dentures protect the implant.
  • Care and expertise helps to put you in a good position for success.

It’s important to continue to mix good hygiene at home with professional cleanings at our office. Artificial teeth don’t decay like natural teeth, but they are still susceptible to disease. A gum disease-like inflammation can develop around the implant. Like gum disease, this inflammation is progressive and can become peri-implantitis that threatens the health of the implant if inflamed tissue isn’t treated promptly and effectively.

By keeping follow-up appointments and recall visits as advised by Dr. Asaria, the Calgary Dental Centers team can detect these problems early. Our dental hygienists are also equipped to adequately clean implants to keep them healthy or to resolve inflammation and even reverse the effects of earlier-stage disease. For example, our team uses specialized instruments and products to manage the bacteria-filled biofilm or plaque on an implant, as well as hardened plaque or tartar. Our hygienists are experienced in cleaning all kinds of teeth, including implants. Our team understands that the same amount of pressure used on a natural tooth isn’t required when cleaning around an implant affected by tartar. Tools and techniques are also tailored to your unique needs, such as the type and design of the implant.

Implants: True to life, with special considerations

While patients can benefit from teeth that look, feel, and function like natural healthy teeth, implants will never be identical to natural teeth. Accordingly, there are characteristics unique to natural and artificial teeth. As dental professionals, we partner with you to watch for specific trouble signs and to intervene as needed to resolve complications that might result in the failure of your implant. If you have any questions or concerns about natural teeth (or otherwise!), don’t hesitate to call Calgary Dental Centers at (403) 768-1339.

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Calgary’s Dental Care - Dr. Hanif Asaria

Dr. Hanif Asaria is a dentist who serves the area of Calgary, who is devoted to helping people get the smile of their dreams. He graduated in 1989 with a DDS at the Canadian University of Alberta. He is a member of the Alberta Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. He has over 28 years of experience in the areas of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.